How to Adopt

Welcome! We’re so pleased that you’re interested in adopting one of our dogs.

Please take some time to review the information on our Resources page. You’ll find a sample of our adoption contract, information on the Great Pyrenees breed, as well as helpful tips for how to best integrate a Great Pyrenees or Great Pyrenees mix into your home.

After reading the Resource information, if you still wish to pursue adoption, we invite you to fill out our Adoption Application or fill out our Livestock Guardian Adoption Application.

Online Adoption Application

LGD Application

If you have filled out an Adoption Application in the past and are revisiting the adoption process, please reach out to us via email to express your continued interest. If it has been over a year since you completed our application, please fill it out again.

Once your adoption application has been completed and submitted, expect to hear from Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana, within 48-72 hours. This time may vary as we are staffed by volunteers. The communication you receive from us will likely be via email (we encourage you to check your spam folder in case our email ends up there). If you are concerned your application has been missed, you are welcome to send us an email and check in.

Puppies: If we have puppies available, they will be posted under Adoptable Dogs. If we have experienced livestock guardian dogs available, they will also be posted (and noted on their profile) under Adoptable Dogs as well. 

Livestock Guardian Dogs: We occasionally have experienced livestock guardian dogs surrendered to us. This usually occurs because a ranch or farm is being sold or the property lacks the needed fencing. We do not have the ability to test these dogs and rely solely on the information provided to us by the previous owner.



  • Visible fencing is required (we have made exceptions in special circumstances, but very rarely). We have seen very little success with underground fencing and do not recommend it.
  • All current pets in the adoptive home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. We will call the veterinary office listed on your application to confirm.
  • Home check. You will be contacted by a GPRM volunteer to complete an in-person or virtual home check. During this visit, the volunteer will ask questions and check for adequate fencing, etc.
  • We do not adopt out female dogs to homes that already have a female dog present; we have witnessed too many cases of same-sex aggression with female Great Pyrenees and will no longer take the risk. This requirement is also one enforced by National Great Pyrenees Rescue and is common with this breed.


Once it is determined that the potential adopter meets the requirements and understands the commitment needed, the adoption fee must be paid and an adoption contract signed. The adoption fee averages at $275 for a healthy adult dog and $400 for a puppy, while very senior dogs may be $100. This fee may vary depending upon the age and health of the adopted dog.

If at any point the conditions of the contract have been breached, Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana, reserves the right to reclaim the dog. Please remember that our ultimate goal is the safety and happiness of the dog.