Hello all, this is Carole, President of Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana with an important message for you….. GPRM has been invited to become the Rescue associated with a new organization - Northwestern Great Pyrenees Club. It is a breed club and will provide us with a lot of information that we often search for about wellness, training, conformation, etc. I am going to paste the invitation email into this email and it will include a link to an application. There is a small yearly fee for this membership but the good that will come from "belonging" to a truly organized association will far outshine that fee. Oh - and I clarified that this Club will serve beyond eastern Washington and Montana and will include Utah, Idaho and Wyoming as well!!!! Penny Knoll, the club secretary, is a longtime foster, adopter and supporter of GPRM:
My name is Penny Knoll and I live in Bozeman, Montana. I am a current adopter of two Great Pyrenees rescues from the Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana and have been in the past a foster mom and a continued supporter of this organization for years!! I also show Great Pyrenees in conformation at dog shows. I have been active in the breed for over 40 years and consider the GP one of the most incredible canines on the face of the earth!! Their dedication to their owner/herd is unsurpassed and when their natural guardian instincts are on high alert, the intelligence of their minds is second to none!! I wanted to let you know about the formation of the Northwestern Great Pyrenees club and invite you to join. We are forming this club for those who own a GP, be it a family pet or a show dog. The purpose of this club is to give us GP owners a resource for information, what to do, how to do, and camaraderie as GP owners and to give support to the Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana as our official sponsored rescue. The founder of this club, Linda Whisenhunt, is a GP breeder who has been showing GP’s for over 50 years and has been a wealth of knowledge to me and those she helps and currently lives in Spokane, Washington. I hope you will consider joining our new club. You can access the membership application on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/812621666748928 If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at {406} 580-3800 or email us at pmknol/333@gmail.com
Wishing everyone many happy years with your Great Pyrenees and thanks for welcoming this noble breed into your heart!! Respectfully, Penny Knoll Northwestern Great Pyrenees Club Secretary/Treasurer Bozeman, Montana

Oct. 2022

Pyr friends - we are absolutely DESPERATE for foster homes in both Utah and Montana.  Please know that we provide food for the dogs as well as vet care….  Dogs are in danger of being euthanized right now because we don’t have anywhere to send them.  PLEASE help them!!!


JULY 8, 2022

I made an error by not extending our Adoption Fee Sale through July.... to correct that, all fees will be reduced by HALF through July...  Don't miss out on finding your new best friend - we have MANY to choose from and all fees are reduced to help move these wonderful dogs.


6/18/2022  Most photos updated today..... check them out on our Adoptable Dogs page.


So Pyrenees friends, it seems that I have a birthday soon..... my 79th in fact...... and I want to do something special for it, so am reducing Adoption fees for the rest of June 2022 by $79, which means all dogs that show as $275 are now $196!!!
On top of that Father's Day is also in June and any dog that a father adopts will be half of it's advertised price!!!
Don't miss out on this if you are looking for a new friend.



Our semi-annual auction is about ready to kick off.... we are still seeking donors so if you have a special item that you are willing to donate - and hopefully be able to ship to a winning bidder - please contact us so that we can get it listed. 

BUT be sure to take a look at all of the wonderful items to be offered between April 22nd and May 1st:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/512630540488023



April 2022

Every time I post I think it will be to tell you that we have placed so many dogs that we are almost empty.... so far that just hasn't happened.  Right now we have close to 40 dogs listed - about 12 or so of those are at Old Farm Kennels in Florence, MT; a couple are around Billings and Bozeman with great fosters; around 12 are being fostered in UT and the rest are courtesy listings from MT or UT.....

Bottom line folks - we DESPERATELY need foster homes for some of these dogs.  We try hard to follow National Great Pyrenees Rescue's guidelines which says they shouldn't be fostered in families with children under 6 years old or with anyone who doesn't have appropriate fencing.  Of course our preference is that fosters have experience with Pyrs.  If you are willing to help by fostering, PLEASE complete our online Adoption/Foster Application here:



Normally we would kick off the year early, but in these strange times it just seems right to start after (hopefully) the end of the Covid year.....  During the last year we were fortunate to place many dogs - but now something has happened and we are overwhelmed with displaced dogs!  So far no one has said "I adopted Rover so I would have company while I was stuck at home and now that I can get out of the house I don't need Rover any longer" - but that is the feeling that we are getting.  PLEASE help us find homes for all of the Rovers that we have taken in - and the ones still waiting in homes for us to take them.  I promise that we will do better as far as keeping up with the news, but for now know that we have many dogs at Old Farm Kennel in Florence, MT and more still in Billings, Bozeman and Utah, with all of these dogs still looking for their forever homes.