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Message From: Brenda December 3, 2019
Not all heroes wear capes... I love you all for the extraordinary love and care you do in service of these sweet angel fur-babies. I try to educate as much as I can about euthanasia and responsible pet ownership. It's the poor sweet animals that suffer due to humans not doing right by our 4 legged friends. I'm thankful you hit the GFM fundraiser, and now that I know about y'all, I will stay updated and check in here. Thank you again for being such amazing angels to help these wonderful dogs. ♡♡♡ Brenda C

Message From: carolemt February 11, 2018
Just checking guestbook

Message From: Cmc February 11, 2018
Just checking in

Message From: Ellen Behar December 13, 2017
We rescued Bosco in October and he has turned out to be a real gentle giant! He loves our cat and has really settled into life on the prairie in Montana! We love him and wish we could rescue them all!

Message From: Susan Harris December 16, 2012
It was a pleasure helping out the puppies and other animals.. Please send me an email, when you do another auction or need something special..I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and hug your children and family members in light of the recent shootings in CT..Bless You all.

Message From: Kiki December 16, 2012
The auction was wonderful! Many nice things to bid on. I hope that enough funds were raised to make a difference for your organization. :)

Message From: (Private) June 26, 2012
Wonderful site, let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

Message From: Joel April 12, 2012
Member of Great Pyrennees Rescue of Atlanta. Great Blog.

Message From: Rose February 24, 2012
We adopted our sweet miss emma about 3 years ago and couldn't be happier with the Great Pyrenees breed, she is such a loving animal. We nearly didn't keep her in the beginning due to her large size but soon that totally didn't matter. She is the perfect dog companion for "older" folks as she is not hyper active like most other dog breeds. The excessive fur can be a problem especially in summer but a quick trip to Petsmart yields a show dog!

Message From: theresa November 3, 2011
happy to see a rescue in your area. love these dogs. have had two of them in the past 17 years. keep up the good work and saving these wonderful animals !