Sponsorship Information


Sponsoring one of the foster dogs is extremely helpful and probably one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways for you to donate.  You can sponsor a dog via PayPal to greatpyrrescuemt@yahoo.com  or with a check to Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana (or GPRM), 133 Canyon Creek Drive, Hamilton, MT 59840

Simply state which dog you want to sponsor, whether it is for a month only for about $45 or will be ongoing, and we will apply that donation to the specified lucky dog! 

Currently some foster homes are paying for the food for the dogs, but many are also being provided food by GPRM or are being reimbursed by GPRM - which hampers our ability to accept more dogs.  Please consider sponsoring - it will be a very satisfying usage of your donation dollars!

Please note that it is not necessary to commit to a full sponsorship - even partial sponsorships help the dogs.