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 One month of 2020 down and here we are again asking for your help.  We have more mouths needing feeding and bodies needing boarding than ever.  As of today we have 7 Pyrs at Old Farm Kennel in Florence, MT being fed and boarded and 6 of them are pictured below.  The January bill was over $2000 and it looks as tho February can be that high - or higher - with the number of calls that keep coming in.  We would like to ask two things - one that you take a look at all of these dogs and see if there is one that might work for you - or for a friend or relative. 











Two is that we need to ask for your financial help - again - to keep these dogs safe and healthy.  Please donate to our GoFundMe request here:


DECEMBER 26, 2019

Yay - we made it through Christmas!!  That said, we have a fairly new story of need for you:

 On December 2nd, GPRM was contacted by a fellow rescuer out of Lewistown, MT.  A few kind souls had rescued brother and sister Great Pyrenees/Spanish Mastiff mixes and saved them from being shot by their owner. The rest of their 9 siblings were already assumed dead from gunshot wounds. These two were the ‘lucky ones’ - even though the owner had taken a shot at the female, it seemed that she was truly lucky and was taken to safety and loved on by these kind volunteers.   It unfortunately became obvious a few days later that the female, now named “Sister,” was becoming weak and was generally not well; upon further inspection, the group realized that she had been shot, too! 

 A veterinarian determined that Sister had a bullet lodged in her lung, causing it to deflate and infect all of the tissue around both lungs. Her chances were grim and there was very little hope that she would live. That said, after over a week of medications, constant care from the veterinary staff, and drains to clear the infection, this beautiful girl is on her way to a new life and a new start!   At this point we find ourselves with a healthy girl on the road to recovery, and a sizable vet bill for close to $4500.

 Meanwhile, her brother Cyrus has made his way to us and is getting some basic training in preparation to moving on to a Pyrmanent home.  The picture we posted shows Cyrus watching over Sister before it was discovered that she had been shot

 We humbly ask for your support in helping us cover Sister’s vet bill and sending her on her way to a new loving home!


Cyrus watching over Sister before it was discovered that she had been shot.


NOVEMBER 20, 2019

Thanks to all the families that gave our recent litter of puppies homes! They have all been placed. 



We are excited to be active representatives of National Great Pyrenees Rescue in Montana.  Although we go by Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana, we operate under the 501C3 non-profit status of National and follow their rules and guidelines.

It is important for our foster dogs to have new and Pyrfect homes - so PLEASE , before you fill out an application to adopt, go to the bottom of this page and click on Great Pyrenees Breed Information ...  Read it all the way through and acquaint yourself with this wonderful breed - understand that more than with many other breeds, the Pyrenees has certain behaviors that you can almost count on - barking (part of their guarding instinct), wandering (they have to patrol to guard and they don't know where their patrol area ends) - they sometimes have selective hearing when it comes to commands...etc.  We are going to ask you if you either have experience with the breed or have read their description - so be prepared. enlightened

  Want to know what a foster Pyrent does?  These photos will give you a few clues :




A Pyr foster parent may need to accompany their dog to a vet.  This is Bosco actually going to Physical Therapy after hip surgery.

A Pyr foster parent          may need to become accustomed to seeing  their dog being used as  somebody's pillow.

When the school bus stops in front of your home, as a Pyr foster parent you are in charge of introductions.









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